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We are a unique "Photo - fabric - graphic" clothing concept. The clothings we provide are eco-friendly, organic cotton and even suitable for vegans. The fabrics we use are top quality 100% cotton and we do the best we can to use it all up in order to create minimal waste. One of our services offers the "Recycled" option wich will allow us to use second hand clothes for creations. Our work aims to connect illustration with fabric and implys research around its various forms. The final needle work is precise and firm creating neat results. With certain of our products we will donate a percentage of the profits to the associated organisations. This is indicated in the products description. All of our products are individual, unique and handmade (handsewn and with help of the sewingmahcine) in the south of France straight from our workshop. Most of the time and in order to reduce waste, we will make a clothing article only on demand but we do have a small and very limited collection ready to go here on our online store. 

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